All jewelry is hand made in California with love.

We are Juliann Jayne and Stephen James. Everything you see in our store is hand made by us in the beautiful place we call home, California. We love where we live and we love everything about our golden state.

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Quality is of the highest importance to us because we want your jewelry to last through all of life's adventures. That is why everything is made out of 14/20 Gold-fill, 14/20 Rose Gold-fill, or Sterling Silver. Gold-fill is usually a lifetime product because the 14k gold layer on the outside is quite thick and is bonded to the brass core. It will react like 14k because that is what's on the outside, meaning it will withstand tarnishing overtime and keep its color. If it dirties, a little cleaning will bring it back to it's original shine! We started out because I was getting sick and tired of paying WAY too much for jewelry that tarnished quickly and fell apart. So I made jewelry I wanted to wear... delicate, easily layered, simple, yet unique enough to get noticed without being overwhelming. I soon discovered that lots of people were looking for the same thing, and thus, the Jayne and James was born!

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